editorial process

The Editorial Collective invites submissions of manuscripts consistent with the aims of Milestones. They should either address concerns within the discursive tradition of Islam, or critically (dis)engage with Western hegemonic systems/styles of knowledge production.

Manuscripts can be between 1500 to 7500 words. We understand that commentaries on social conflicts, crises, and events may be shorter than academic articles. We welcome both forms of texts. Book and film reviews are expected to be shorter (1500-2000 words). For submission guidelines related to photo essays, please contact the editors for further information.

Materials submitted to Milestones should not be under consideration with any other journal. All references (including bibliographic information) must appear as endnotes formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Milestones follows the IJMES Style Guide for Arabic transliteration.

Approximately one week after a text is submitted for consideration, the editors will inform the author whether the piece has been accepted for further review. If the piece is accepted for further review, at least three members of the Editorial Collective will closely evaluate it and provide feedback for the author to incorporate in subsequent revisions. After the author resubmits the piece, editors will take approximately one week to decide whether to accept the text with minor edits or to invite further revisions. All authors will have the opportunity to review their final copyedited manuscript prior to publication.

Manuscripts should be sent to milestonesjournal@gmail.com

editorial collective

Tanzeen R. Doha, Founder and General Editor
Tareq-ul Huda, Special Editor and Researcher
Jamil Kochai, Associate Editor 
Zunaira Komal, Associate Editor                                                                                                                                               
Yassir Morsi, Associate Editor                                                                                                                                             
Nazmus Sakib, Web Manager and Researcher
Hannibal Shakur, Special Contributor and Researcher
Richard Wood, Associate Editor